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Our Philosophy

At Innovative Financial Group, LLC, we seek to help people. Most importantly, we help people navigate through the uncertainties of life by creating retirement income and financial estate legacy plans that our clients can feel confident about. We know that what matters most in life is family, occupation, and recreation.

Our proprietary process, The Vintner Formula, embodies the winemaking process of a vintner. Just as wine takes time and prudent care to cultivate, we work hard to make financial planning relevant and personable by taking the time to get to know our clients and address their goals and objectives. A vintner strives to plant a perfect vineyard but, throughout the seasons, it will weather many storms. What’s most important for the vintner as well as our approach is that there is a process and plan in place to navigate through unforeseen storms by ongoing monitoring and recurrent meetings.

Maintaining a vineyard is no easy task. Just as the vintner carefully chooses, prepares, plants, and prunes his vineyard, our unique proprietary process allows us to skillfully craft, carefully monitor, and adapt our client’s plans and models.

We create holistic financial plans that, like grapevines, weather the toughest storms. You may be able to create a perfect financial plan, but we believe a more important step is to follow-up and adapt your plan after financial storms. We know that we can’t control the storms, but we can help control how you plan and how you relate to them. Our process remains fluid and dynamic to adapt to all of life’s changes.

The Vintner Formula works in several areas:

Caring for a grapevine must happen even before planting and continues throughout the seasons, year after year. Our unique approach allows us to assess risk, prepare for life’s difficulties, and take advantage of any opportunities.

We want to be there with you every step of the way, from choosing the right grape variety, to preparing, planting, and watering the grapevine, we at Innovative Financial Group, LLC, are here to help you take care of the important matters.

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