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Wealth Management

Typically, wealth management is the process of combining investment management and financial planning to provide solutions for our clients. However, at IFG we add a unique third step, actuarial science. 


We take a unique approach to manage our client’s wealth. We believe that in addition to offering professional money management options and models and providing unique financial planning strategies, wealth can be supported and augmented through the power of actuarial science. We combine financial strategies including retirement assets and investment portfolios, with risk management strategies to create a comprehensive and effective approach to managing wealth for our clients.

Investment Planning

Do you want to know if your investments are positioned well? Do you know what you own? Have you ever asked yourself why you own it? Do you know when it’s time to sell?

These questions can typically be answered by employing money managers who monitor investments actively rather than passively.

At Innovative Financial Group, we help progress and improve your financial situation by utilizing both active and passive portfolio managers. We’ll monitor and review your investments to protect them against potential risks and keep watch for future opportunities.

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