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Our Process

1. Introductory Meeting | Choosing Right Grape Variety

This is a quick meeting for us to get to know each other as well as our potential compatibility of partnering together! We will identify your goals, priorities, current situation and potential obstacles. This will also allow us to set expectations for our ongoing partnership and identify our suitability.

*In-person and remote options available.

2. Confidential Financial Questionnaire (CFQ)

After meeting together, we will ask you to complete this questionnaire detailing your assets, liabilities, pertinent financial information, and tax returns so we can better assess your options as we step into the exploration phase.

3. Exploration Phase | Preparing Vine for Planting

Once we understand your current financial position, we will begin to draft an initial plan that is tailored best for you and your goals. This is a collaborative process in which we seek to educate you on how to obtain your maximum financial potential as well as obtain your goals and dreams.

4. Financial Planning | Planting and Watering Grapevine

At this phase, we will generate a comprehensive plan for you! This plan will address your top priorities: family planning, personal finance, retirement income planning, tax planning, insurance, home ownership, and legacy planning.

5. Ongoing and Proactive Management | Protecting, Pruning, and Harvesting Grapevines

Our process remains fluid and dynamic to account for life’s surprises. We will actively monitor your portfolio and financial plan to accommodate for life’s changes and take advantage of potential opportunities.

Our expectation is to meet with our clients at least annually to review progress. At the time of review, we will incorporate any necessary changes into your financial plan.

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